The Story

It all started a few decades ago, a small boy by the name of Eric Franzel who used creation to escape from reality. To help him cope with reality his mother thought it was a good idea to register with a sports club, so Eric chose the sport, which had the best outfits and sneakers. Eric went from running to baseball to soccer and at the end he got the perfect outfit.

Only after a few years Eric realized that fashion and creation can be used to find your place in society, this resulted in starting his own t-shirt collection that he airbrushed and sold to guys in the neighborhood. The Making of clothing needed to evolve that’s why he enrolled in Fashion School, where he learned to draw patterns.

After 4 years Eric got a job designing prints and advising brands in terms of production and styling.
The reality started to look a bit boring so there needed to be an escape, that’s where Franzel Amsterdam was born, a label that started with the urge to create.

The Products

Franzel Amsterdam mixes classical clothing with contemporary. “God is in the detail” the brand focuses on form and construction, it’s made for people with a love for design, music, creativity and new adventures. Neither age sex or ethnicity have influence on the wearer. We strive to deliver a new look on clothing.

Franzel Amsterdam is already worn by national and international celebrities such as Mr Probz, Timor Steffens, Firebeatz, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Mr Polska, Je Broer, Chris Brown, Future, Zendaya etc.

The prices are somewhere between 60 for a T-shirt to 1500 for a shearling, so for every spender we have a collection piece.